Hello there; I'm Kurenai Yuhi. I'm the coach of the swim team at Akatsuki University. There's not much to me. I'm just your average swim coach. But if there's anything you want to know, or talk about, feel free to drop me a line.


“Don’t mind it.”

The male responded as he took the seat offered to him from Kurenai. His bottle already opened, he pulled his mask off and tucked it beneath his chin as he took a few gulps as well. The rays of sunlight beat down harshly on the two. Kakashi being the most tortured as the clothes he wore weren’t appropriate for the hot outdoors. Strange as it was he secretly envied Kurenai and her job at the moment. He chuckled softly at her last comment.

“It’s a good thing that I just happened to be around then. My ‘’world’’ hasn’t been so bad as of late. A lot of interested or curious students although the majority of them seem to be a bit squeamish about what they’re learning.” He said, shrugging. “And what about you?”

"Of course they’re squeamish. I know I was when I took sex ed in high school. It must not have been to bad for you though," Kurenai grinned to Kakashi. "I mean, you are teaching the class after all."

"But I’ve been alright I suppose. It gets a little old sitting by the pool all day. Although, I really can’t complain to much. I do have one of the easiest jobs, and I get to work on my tan daily. And I can get away with wearing shorts and a t-shirt. At least I don’t have to sit out here in regular clothes all day. You must be about to have a heat stroke," Kurenai laughed lightly, motioning to Kakashi’s clothes.

She sighed heavily. “It does get lonely out here though. That’s the one downside. It’s nice to have company for once,” Kurenai smiled to the man next to her before unscrewing the cap to her water bottle and taking another drink.

"Kakashi, can I ask you a question?" she asked while looking at him with her peripheral vision. "Why do you always wear that mask?"

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As she lazed on the swimming board she felt something cool touch her forearm, pressing into her skin gently as whatever it was nudged her a little. Looking to her side she looked into mismatched eyes of Kakashi, both his eyes crinkling gently to show he was smiling as his face was hidden by a white paper mask. In his hand he held  a water bottle that was stretched out to Kurenai, poking her arm slightly while he held another bottle in the other hand by his side.

“I thought that you might want one.” He offered her politely.

"Thank you, Kakashi," Kurenai said, smiling up to the man before her and graciously accepting the water. Still sitting cross legged, she turned sideways and patted the spot next to her. "Have a seat," she offered.

Kakashi sat down next to her, and they sat in silence for a moment, both taking in the heat of the day. Kurenai unscrewed the cap of her water bottle and took two large gulps. Although it wasn’t the kind of drink she was envisioning when Kakashi walked up, she was quite thankful. The water was extremely refreshing after spending almost the entirety of the day outside.

"I think I just gained my second wind," Kurenai laughed lightly as she twisted the cap back on. "So tell me Kakashi, how has the world of Sex-Ed been treating you today?"

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Kurenai sat cross-legged on the lowest diving board at the pool. She leaned back on one hand, soaking up the warm afternoon sun. She let her head fall back, closing her eyes as she did so. Without even realizing what she was doing, she took her free hand and played with the whistle hanging loosely around her neck.

She sighed to herself quietly. It had been a slow, boring day with not much going on. She had kept free swim today, and it seemed to take all of her energy out of her for some reason. Although, after thinking about it, the warm sun probably didn’t help her gain any energy back. Either way, after a lackluster day like today, she decided she could use a drink. Or three. 

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